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Innovative Pest Control Tools Help the Professional

By Chris Robertson

Today, a pest control technician has several pest control tools in his arsenal. Increasingly, pest control technicians are using an integrated approach in combating a wide variety of pests that range from mice, ants, and spiders to termites, cockroaches and beetles.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, pest control technicians "increasingly use a combination of pest management techniques, known as integrated pest management. One method involves using proper sanitation and creating physical barriers, for pests cannot survive without food and will not infest a building if they cannot enter it. Another method involves using baits, some of which destroy the pests, and others that prevent them from reproducing. Yet another method involves using mechanical devices, such as traps, that remove pests from the immediate environment."

The Bureau of Labor Statistics continues, "Integrated pest management is becoming popular for several reasons. First, pesticides can pose environmental and health risks. Second, some pests are becoming more resistant to pesticides in certain situations. Finally, an integrated pest management plan is more effective in the long term than use of a pesticide alone."

The reality, however, is that pesticides remain the cornerstone of the pest control technician's arsenal. Today, what's most notable in the field of professional pest management is the innovation taking place in pest control tools such as the dust applicator, wands, tips, and accessories.

The most advanced dust applicators are battery-powered units that are capable of applying both granules and dust. As such, they are so versatile that pest control technicians can use them for the majority of their work. These dust applicators have wands that allow for precise application to cracks and crevices - as well as large voids - without making a mess, and have enough power to blow dust up a 30-foot bee pole. The lightweight nature of these pest control tools belies the fact that the batteries will last a full day on the job, and require less than an hour to recharge.

Another refinement in innovative dust applicators is that they do not clog in humid areas and that they have clear canisters that can efficiently switch pesticides without contamination. Further, there are a variety of accessories available for dust applicators, including wands and tips, tip extensions, hose extensions, bee pole kits, belt hooks and carrying cases.

Just as pest management techniques have changed over the years, so have pest control tools. Today's dust applicator gets the job done efficiently and effectively.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Chris_Robertson

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